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Welcome to the Birth Place of Modernization of Japan

The end of Edo period (19 C.), with the appearance of the ships from the great western powers in Japanese waters, Japan faced an external threat. SHIMADZU Nariakira, the lord of the Satsuma clan promoted modernization and industrialization projects on the larger scale. He constructed an industrial complex in Iso on the outskirts of Kagoshima, and named it “Shuseikan”. After his death, the machinery factory was constructed by the people who succeeded his dying wishes in 1865. At now, it becomes the main building of historical museum”Shoko-Shuseikan”, and is specified for the important Cultural Property.

Highlight of Exhibition

The model of the reverberatory smelting furnance and the ship of Ryukyu.
Machine exhibition corner like operation.
Various special exhibitions of every season.

Shoko-Shuseikan has exhibited the history of the Shimadzu family and Kagoshima. There is a rich history and a culture which Kagoshima was brought by the sea.
Shuseikan projects, the modernization of Satsuma domain also received a big influence from overseas. We explain about the Shimadzu family, the sea, and the modernization using a lot of materials, models and images.


May 1865The machine factory was constructed
May 22, 1923 Museum ”Shoko-Shuseikan” open(managed by Shimadzu family).
Nov. 18, 1956 Managed by Shimadzu-limited.
Feb. 25, 1959 The site was registered National Historic Site.
Jun.21, 1962 Shoko-Shuseikan main building was registered National Important Cultural Properties.
Mar.5, 1990 Special Building was opened.
Oct. 8, 2005 Main Building was Renewal opened
Jan.5, 2009 “The group of modernization industorial heritage in Kyushu Island and Yamaguchi Prefecture”, including the former “Shuseikan” industrial complex and the former machine factory was put on the list of World Heritage.

Special Exhibition

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We have many orginal goods and books about Shimadzu's history and culture.